The Relationship

Muraki has a fascination with Tsuzuki which borders in an obsession. Their relationship is like dark clouds looming over the horizon---you know a terrible storm is coming your way and that what will come will be devastating, yet you can't seem to want to get away from its path, because of the knowledge that you want to be there when the storm breaks, and to hell with the cost.

Tsuzuki knows that Muraki holds a deeply dark secret about him and he truly wishes to have nothing to do with Muraki. But the urge to know the truth, how dreadful it may be, keeps him attached to Muraki in mysterious ways.

Muraki knows some secrets of Tsuzuki but there are still things about Tsuzuki that greatly intrigues him. Compelling him to seek out for Tsuzuki at every opportunity, in hopes of bringing out Tsuzuki's secrets and things that are far more sinister than the secrets he already knows.

Ref. Winglica