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The Name

Why I've chosen the name Forbidden Desires for this fanlisting? At first, the title 24/7 Obsession came to my mind since Muraki built an unconscious obsession through Tsuzuki. And then later on, I've thought of Forbidden Desires simply because of, firstly they are both men (XD), secondly Muraki is fascinated with Tsuzuki and became obsessed, thirdly is that Tsuzuki doesn't seem to get away from Muraki. Did I make any sense? XD Well, that's what I thought so let's just leave it be.


This layout was made using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and handcoded in Notepad. I've used the images made by Anhellica of deviantART that I've originally found in Zerochan.NET. I was actually planning for much wider layout design but I got stuck with this concept and it turned out good anyway.